Infinity co-owners & moderation team release statement regarding ban of user

Submitted by distant on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 12:30 pm


Colorado & New York–Early this week, Sterling made the decision to ban one of our frequent users due to inappropriate behavior against the wishes of Infinity. This user was extremely aware of the rules in place, and yet, decided to break them for attention.

Today in response to a hateful tweet coming from the user’s Twitter account, Sterling took to his personal Twitter to respond to the tweet:

“As a co-owner of @MeetInfinity This person was banned for posting dangerous links and Pornographic videos. We suggest you ignore this person when it comes to talking about @DistantTweets and @MeetInfinity”

Slade has provided the following comment, part of which may contain privileged information, to be included in this press release:

“I would like to reiterate before I comment on the situation: I did not have any hand whatsoever in the banning of the user. We will also not be releasing the name of the user publicly on our Twitter handle for security reasons. Regarding [the ban], I was not present at the time, though it was clear this user was trying to get a hold of myself and other admins within the Discord server. The user was previously muted due to a direct violation of the rules, where he repeatedly pinged the Moderator role (which should only be done in emergencies). This was accomplished in a series of spam messages within just a few moments of each other, which had no correlation to any emergent matter whatsoever. He then escalated, beginning to post pornographic content and dangerous links, which would have harmed your computer or tracked you to your exact location. I fully support the decision made by Sterling, as attempts to de-escalate the situation obviously did not work. I can assure those who are asking, we are working to find a resolution in the matter, whatever way we can.”

The Moderation Team sides with the co-owners of Infinity regarding the matter.

Infinity, as well as Distant Universe, would like to advise our community members to disregard the information the user provides in the coming days or months. If you have questions or comments, please hold them as we are not responding to these inquiries at this time.

Thank you for your understanding, we will release another statement when we have one.


Sterling, Slade, and the Infinity Moderation Team

with Distant Universe Press Team

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Please wait for further statements from Infinity Moderation Team, Sterling, and Slade.