A special Super Mario Party Switch bundle is releasing in Japan

Submitted by sladewatkins on Mon, 09/03/2018 - 11:00 pm

Nintendo is sending some mixed messages. They said the Switch lacks region-locking, yet they are releasing region-specific bundles...what?

Anyway, it looks like they're releasing a special Super Mario Party bundle with special colored Joy-Con in Japan.

We heard something similar with Europe, except that one is coming with a physical copy of the game.

It will have a neon-yellow and neon-pink Joy-Con color (with matching colored straps), as well as the game, of course.

We haven't heard a word from NOA yet on whether or not a bundle will be sold in North America, time will tell on that.

Will you be purchasing Super Mario Party or its' bundles? Perhaps you'll be importing a bundle if it doesn't release in NOA? Let us know below.