Distant Publishing publishes “Senses”, a poem-like work

Submitted by distant on Sat, 09/15/2018 - 07:15 am

On Friday, September 14th, we published “Senses”, a poem-like work by Slade Watkins. 

Here is what Slade had to say about Senses:

This story was written to be incredibly poetic-esque, because in our English class we read excerpts from a book called "Many-Storied House", which is incredible just from the four poems I read.

While we did write about a "place," I wanted to take it a step further. No one really talks about the places we travel in our brain. The ones with questions we ask ourselves growing up and no one else because we are awkward, afraid, anxious of what adults will think of us for asking these, arguably important, questions.

This story is me taking it a step forward. I spent 6 hours editing, drafting, revising, deleting, adding to this story. To my English teacher, if for some reason you find this or I tell you about it, keep inspiring me.

It is available on Wattpad right now and will become available on other services soon.