Universe-Wide Restructure incoming; new designs, new homes for your favorite DU sites, and more

Submitted by distant on Sat, 08/04/2018 - 01:00 pm

Hey, we've got a surprise for you. Remember the new stuff we brought to our teams yesterday? Well, a part of a bigger roll-out than what we advertised. 

Not only did we release a large update to editors on all DU sites, but we also released a closed beta for a new site-wide redesign-and-restructure of just about everything.

Let's begin with the largest update to the site: new homes on the web for all of your favorite Distant Universe sites.

New homes on the web for all of your favorites

All Distant Universe sites will be restructured on the web. Adjusting themselves on the web for better service to our users.

  • Plinko, our news site for gaming, reviews, and more, will be moving to it's own domain name and will lose the "Distant" branding. They have already started the phase-in of that name. For more on this later, head over to their site after 11pm ET on 8/4/18.
  • Distant Timeline will stay on the distantuniverse.ga domain name.
  • DisUni Interactive will move to it's own domain name, but will not lose it's DisUni branding.
  • Morning Mario App will follow DisUni Interactive.
  • TechnoBuffalo and The Nerdy apps will follow DisUni Interactive.
  • Distant Worlds will be added to the main distantuniverse.ga domain name.
  • Distant Universe Entertainment will be moved to it's own domain name.
  • Nutcases Unite will move to it's own domain name.

New Features and Framework

  • The Framework is nicknamed "Dispal," (pronounced 'this pal') which is based on Drupal and it's coming to all Distant Universe sites by October of this year. The nickname was chosen to honor the hard work of the Drupal community & regular developers.
  • Better post and page editing for everyone with our new custom module.
  • It is now easier to sync our designs together through the sites with our new content delivery network.
  • SSL certificate on all domains.

A notice will be posted on affected sites within the next seven (7) days.

A better experience for the end user

Things may be changing for our users, but we promise, it is for the better. We've made things super fast. So fast, in fact, that we've over septupled the speed of our CDN for this one. (There's a new back-end skeleton for it too.)

Letting users take it for a spin

Soon, users will be able to take our new things for a spin during our transition. We'll be announcing more details about this soon.

For right now though, we'll be leaving it in closed-beta to our DU teams.

We cannot wait for you to check it out. Trust me, it's all coming soon.