SITE MAINTENANCE: Unscheduled Maintenance for Fatal Server Error occured 8/24/2018

Submitted by distant on Fri, 08/24/2018 - 06:11 am

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our website returned to full functionality at 10:10am. The following release explains the situation.

Hi there.

We apologize for the inconvenience earlier as our website went offline. You deserve an explanation as to what happened because of how long it took us to realize the servers were down.

Before we continue, please know that not a single one of our clients were affected by this incident. We host our Web Services domain name on a different service (being CloudFlare) for this exact reason.

On Friday, 8/24/18, our website (not hosting) control panel for was accessed by an individual not affiliated with us in any way. By gaining access to our CMS software, the individual was able to start redirecting traffic to their own webpage. They changed the password of the main Administrator account and went about their business hoping we'd never be able to access our main site again.

What this individual didn't realize is that we have a back way in. There are other users on this site and ALL DU Team members have full administrator access so they can reset any passwords that may have been compromised in an attack like this.

To reiterate this: we do not store your password nor can we see it. All we can do is send you a reset link. Keep this in mind.

While this individual's intentions were unclear, it seems they just wanted attention. We apologize deeply to our users and still suggest they reset their passwords on our site. Also, do not use any passwords you may use on another site here due to our vulnerability in attacks.

This is something we can resolve by changing web hosting, which is something we spoke about yesterday on the website. We have launched a Patreon campaign to accomplish this.

We're sorry about this.



DU Team