Reimagining Help & Support

Submitted by distant on Thu, 08/09/2018 - 05:30 am

We've been working hard on a new design for our help & support center and we're proud to say that we can finally show you.

The image below is what it used to look like. It used to run right on our website as "Info Center" but didn't have very many articles.

Our goal here was simple: we wanted to reimagined help & support, and we wanted it to be easy.


old design
The old design.

We used to run a Knowledge Base plugin directly through our custom fork of WordPress, but with our website moving from that to a custom fork of Drupal, we couldn't keep it anymore and felt that we could accomplish more with enlisting the help of FreshDesk.

With this said, may we introduce to you our new support site!


new design

We will likely roll out many iterations of this design but we're very proud of the look so far.

Ahhhh! We've worked very hard on this and there are more articles being added as we speak.

Access the redesigned site by heading to Want to contact us through the new system? Send an email to [email protected] or head to this page.

Catch you later—Team DU