FUNDRASING: Domain name and change of hosting

Submitted by distant on Thu, 08/23/2018 - 08:58 pm

We do not talk about relationships we have with our business partners online for—what we hope are—obvious reasons. However, a serious issue has risen where we simply do not have enough bandwidth/space left on our servers due to an issue beyond our control. We have a lot of domain names registered.

Talking about it internally, we have decided to so something unthinkable. We have launched a fundraising campaign! This is absolutely last ditch and not something we would create on a whim. We felt if we could get the word out about our situation, we could hopefully get some support from the community.

We realize that a lot of people use Patreon, so we created a page on their website. If you have a few bucks laying around, specifically $12, please consider supporting us. We'll even put your name on our website!

Remember: the URL is

Have any ideas for additional tier rewards? Give us a shout, we'd like to hear them: [email protected]