Our Story

Distant Universe (which "Distant") is a group of friends looking to share our interests with each other and the world! 

In 2015, a handful of us started bonding a Minecraft server that was known then as DWPD and has sadly been discontinued. That didn't stop us from hanging out.

In 2017, Nutcases Unite was formed. Shortly thereafter, some of the DWPD crew started talking again and through one of those crew members, was introduced to Psychic. After this, all three started playing Minecraft with each other, on Realms, making it easier for everybody to connect up with each other. They also used Discord for voice chat, something that wasn't that possible back in the olden days. In July 2018, we announced the acquisition of multiple projects which included Nutcases Unite.

In 2018, a lot of new friends joining the large group decided to form a new group called "Distant." Everyone of these friends is either a part, or has been invited to be, of Distant. We also started doing music releases for some of them too.

Check out our future plans. We're so excited for those.