Future Plans

Planning for the future is hard because you never know what to expect. Anything can happen. Here's what we're hoping for, though.


In 2018, we hope to:

  • Release our first app through DisUni Interactive (done!)
  • Release a full-length album through Distant Worlds
  • Create a platform for original TV shows and films (done!)
  • Restructure our websites and implement a brand new design language
  • Create a unique way for people to communicate with each other more effectively
  • Give a new lease on life in something from the past (done!)


In 2019, we hope to:

  • Create a fully-functional operating system that works on a game console
  • Design a mobile operating system based on Android (in active development!)
  • Conceptualize a new take on GUIs
  • Create a new medical program for hospitals and doctors' offices to use that makes it easier to communicate between doctors, nurses, and others included in the process
  • Create a brand new game title that runs cross-platform


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