Distant Universe Leadership

The following is a list of the leadership behind Distant Universe.


Matt "Lavish Gaming" S. (@EruannaSilguero) — Community Expert

Matt, aka Lavish Gaming, has been a community expert for quite some time. Since 2017—he has been working within the Nutcases Unite community, which Distant Universe has owned since July 1st, 2018. He is known for being obsessed with aquatic creatures...

Email Matt: [email protected]


Slade Watkins (@sladewatkins) — Head of Plinko, Interim Web Consultant, Junior Web Security Manager

Slade was originally a member of DWPD, the predecessor to DU, from 2014-2015.

Slade joined Distant Universe in 2018 with Kaitlyn, when his community (Nutcases Unite) was absorbed into DU.  He is known for yelling "Stop touching my computer!" at the DU Team, and for having a very weird obsession with donuts...

Currently Slade serves as our interim web consultant and web security manager, until a planned restructure in November.

Email Slade: [email protected]


Kaitlyn Williams (@thatonekaitlyn) — Entertainment Coordinator, Design Consultant

Kaitlyn jumped on board Distant Universe in February 2018 as an entertainment coordinator. With Kaitlyn's insight, we were able to expand our future plans, maybe quite ambitiously. In August 2018, she gained the title of design consultant.

In November, with a planned restructure, Kaitlyn will assume a secondary role as our press/business inquiry contact in place of the entertainment coordinator role. Another being will assume that role when she leaves.

Email Kaitlyn: [email protected]


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